Summer Bod

Summer Bod

So summer is coming up and everyone is getting fit and healthy to show off their bodies for the summer ! Today is day one of my so called healthy diet , opposed to my previous diet…. I called it the seafood diet ; I sea food I eat it . (ha-ha) Back to my point I’m starting a diet mainly because i want to drop weight and show off my body just like everyone else but the main objective is to live a healthier lifestyle , eating nothing but junk food for the past couple of weeks has really taken a tow on my energy levels and made me feel really lazy. Blah, my previous diet consistent of mainly fast food for ex: The meal I had before I wanted to start my diet

  1. Breakfast- Hardees breakfast platter which came with biscuit and gravy, bacon , egg and hashrounds. Yum sounds delicious right? well that meal had 55 grams of fat, 1,860 of sodium and 49 grams of carbs total of 815 calories . ( Not including my sweet tea)

2. Lunch- I would usually eat at a fast food restaurant again – Big mac meal with medium fries 920 calories 48 grams of fat, 1230 mg of sodium and 94 grams of carbs. (Not Including my mountain dew)

3.DInner or should I say my final meal (Phew)- Bojangles 2 piece dinner with picnic Mac and Cheese . 1095 calories, 67 grams of fat, 3,201 mg of sodium and 75 grams of carbs!

Total: 2830 calories, 170 grams of fat, 218 grams of carbs and 6,291 mg of sodium! hot damn and like I said that doesn’t even include my drinks.

This was my diet for 3 weeks plus alcohol on the weekends so you can see how bad my diet and my lifestyle were so its time to start a new beginning and hopefully change my life before I die of a heart attack at age of 30. This is going to be a long and hard journey so wish me luck and if you guys have any advice or tips comment them down below. Oh, I forgot to mention the diet i am going on now, it mainly consistent of low carb, high fats and high proteins for 30 days then I am going to start balancing things out so comment below if you guys have any advice for me.

Height-5 foot 9
Weight-170 Pounds

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Bill k.


Blog #2 Hmm, never thought I would make it this far. (Ha-ha) This seems to be off topic but I started my new job today after quitting my previous job. We make dog food ingredients, sweet potato to be exact but that’s beside the point as I look around my new profound workplace and introduced myself to everyone it seem like every workplace is the same … when I say the same I mean the people ! Not as in black/ white or someone’s nationality but hmm let me explain in a form of a list.

1.The Mr. Awesome cool guy aka the… know it all. This guy thinks everyone is in love with him and he knows everything! (Even when he doesn’t). He thinks he’s the funny guy in the whole workplace making jokes that everyone awkwardly laughs at (ha…ha…maybe another ha?) and oh man he knows the best way to fix everything, relationship trouble? Bam he has the best advice (even though he’s been single for many years), car trouble? Bam! Another best advice (even though you saw duct tape holding up his headlights outside) but you get my point.

2. Guy number #2 or should I say the quiet guy … he never said a word he’s just there actually … listening….plotting …possibly a murder?! Who knows but he is always around , next time you look up from your desk or work area and someone is looking at you or when you’re in a group conversation with your peers (Coworkers ) look around and that guy … that’s the guy I am talking about . Never said a word but when he does say something it’s probably important so listen or not … YOU WILL BE HIS NEXT VICTIM. just kidding. 😛

3.Guy number #3! I saved the best for last he’s kind of the combination of the first two that I have mentioned above but he’s the workplace S N I T C H sort of like a teacher’s pet in school. He is the guy that is patiently waiting… plotting for you in the corner not saying a word just WAITING for you to mess up or make a mistake so he can go around telling people or the supervisor on how you mess up . He also thinks that everyone loves him but everyone just wants to kick his a**. Trust me don’t be this guy (Unless you don’t care who doesn’t like you or you don’t like oreo cookies ) it’s funny because even the bosses doesn’t like this guy . 🙂

Well sorry for the rant I just wanted to share my work experiences with you guys and hopefully… went not hopefully but you probably have ran into this type of people at your workplace. If you know of any more of these “type of people” please feel free to share.

“Pounds Chest”

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Hello World!!

Well, this is my very first post/blog! Maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself if and only if you’re interested. My name is Bill (Weird name for an Asian guy right?) I am 24 years old, so close to being 30 ‘sigh’ I am 5’9 or so it said on my ID he he, I am Asian (South East Asian to be exact), my parents originated from the country of Laos so that makes me Laotian (What ocean? Whaaat get it? Get it? ), if you give a crap or don’t feel like looking it up its above Cambodia to the left of Vietnam and right of Thailand.

Enough of the history and geography lessons, the reason I started blogging is because I sat down with a group of friends having a beer or two or three okay maybe like six or seven but that’s beside the point (I get off topic easily, sorry) well we were all reminiscing about the past events in our lives . . . and I was like wow! Some of these stories are funny, sad and just damn right epic …well for me at least. I just sat there listening to them tell me their stories/adventures and I just thought it was would be interesting to write about the random events in my life and share it with the world. If these events aren’t as interesting to you as it is for me that is okay . . .  because at least I can look back at the blogs I have written and go wow that was one of the best times in my life. . .

So follow me (Not literally look at me through the bushes) or read through the random adventures, events, maybe tips, health or fitness that I go through on a daily basis and maybe you can contribute to my random events.


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Bill k